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If your educational documents are not already in English, you will need to have them translated by a Certified Translator. This is the first step before your evaluation can be carried out. We have established relationships with certified translation companies who allow us to offer services at a low "per-page" price. We can also do your evaluation more quickly by eliminating the waiting period that occurs by having it done independently. If you wish to have translation services done independently, please remember that you must use a Certified Translator."

To use our translation services, please follow the steps below:

1) Please fill out this Application and indicate that you need translation services; you may then submit it online or print it off and email/mail it to us with your documents.

2) Please submit documents to be translated with your application.

3) Please be sure to indicate your method of payment and provide all relevant information on the application.

4) The standard time for translation plus evaluation is two weeks; for translation-only customers, the standard time is one week. Expedited services for customers who are also purchasing evaluations are listed on the application. If you are a translation-only customer who needs a expedited service, please call our office for a quote on any addtional fees.

Translation Fees:

$25 set-up fee
$60 per page
(Translation-only customers are charged a two-page minimum)

* PLEASE NOTE the difference between Translation and Evaluation: Translation will simply put your documents from their original language into English. Evaluation will actually say what your education is equivalent to in the United States

* If you have more than five pages to be translated, please call our office for a discounted price.

* If you are having your transcript sent directly to us from your institution and are therefore unsure of how many pages need to be translated, please let us know so on your application and be sure to include a phone number and email address. We will contact you when your documents arrive and let you know how many pages need to be translated.

* IEE, Inc. reserves the right to adjust our pricing for documents submitted that contain excessive wording.

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