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What documents do I need to submit?

Level of Education:

High School

If you are required to submit your high school, please include all original high school/secondary school transcripts* and your diploma of graduation or certificate of standardized examination results.

Common examples include: Bachillerato, Baccalauréat (part I and II), Secondary School Certificate + Senior Secondary School Certificate, WAEC, General Certificate of Secondary Education (O-Levels/A-Levels)

Post-secondary (college, university, etc.)

If you are required to submit your post-secondary education, please include all original post-secondary transcripts* and your degree certificate, if you received it.


PLEASE SEND US AS MANY ACADEMIC RECORDS AS POSSIBLE. There is no additional fee to evaluate multiple documents and it helps you to have the most comprehensive evaluation possible.

You may confirm with the institution/individual receiving your evaluation as to what level of education they would like to see on your evaluation. 

* A transcript is the record of each class you took during your studies and the grade that you received for each class. These are essential if you are ordering a Course Report.


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