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University/College Admissions

Just as no two people are exactly alike, neither are any two institutions exactly alike.  At International Education Evaluations, Inc. we understand that the admissions needs may also vary from institution to institution.  This is why we take an active part in accomodating our service offerings with the needs of each individual institution that we serve.  If your current evaluation company is not meeting the exact specifications of your institutional needs, we welcome your inquiries concerning our standards and processes.

Many community colleges or technical schools only require a basic Document Report stating the U.S.. high school diploma equivalency, while most four-year colleges and universities want a course-by-course break-down of a transcript, including each individual course, grade, credit, and an overall GPA.  All of our Course-by-Course Reports include a GPA for no additional fee.

For schools with limited admissions or academic resources we also offer a Catalog Course Match Report where, for an additional fee, we will match the student’s courses to courses in your specific catalog.  You will need to call us and set this up in advance before sending your students to us.  This will ensure that we will follow the institutional procedures and guidelines that you already have in place.

If you don't know the questions to ask your evaluator, here might be a good place to start:

-          Do you require transcripts to be sent directly from the student's institution or will you use the originals that the student has brought to my office that I would like for you to evaluate?

-          What is your standard turn around time?

-          Will your company do an evaluation using a photo or scanned copy of a transcript?  If so how can I be sure that any evaluations that you do for my students will be based on originals only?

-          Will you update a secondary transcript upon completion of the program for a reduced price or will the student have to pay the full evaluation fee again?

-          How do you evaluate three-year degrees from Europe vs. those from Asia or India?

-          How can you handle any special needs I might have? (be ready to name them!)

Our "small business" approach to meeting the needs of our clients means that you can call our office during business hours and speak directly to our staff.   If you have specific questions about an evaluation you can have an immediate answer. 

We are members of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) and NAFSA: Association of International Educators.   Our evaluations are used by hundreds of colleges and universities.  Since 1981 IEE, Inc. has provided higher education with expert analysis of foreign education credentials.  Give us a call and we will show you why we are the "New Standard in Service".

Thank you for your consideration!



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